Jersey tunic dresses for women

Tunic dresses are a popular addition to any wardrobe – and with good reason. A tunic dress is feminine with a loose fit; perfect for a relaxed lifestyle where clothes are practical and comfortable.

Henriette Steffensen Copenhagen has a wide selection of jersey tunic dresses for women in our specially-made jersey material. The unique quality has a composition of 96% sustainable viscose and 4% elastane. The result is a soft and light jersey quality that falls beautifully, keeps its shape and is extremely easy to maintain. We use traditional dyeing techniques to get our beautiful, unique and extremely durable colours.

Jersey t-shirt dress

A tunic can be put together and styled in several ways. The versatile design makes the tunic wearable both as a shirt and as a dress, depending on your styling preferences. Use the tunic as a t-shirt dress for summer or wear it over a pair of trousers for a smart everyday look and for winter. You can also wear a tunic over a skirt and add a piece of jewellery for a chic party look.

Explore our jersey tunic dresses here.

The loose fit is well-suited to all figures and ensures a high level of comfort. There is an enjoyable freedom in dressing in clothes that aren't uncomfortably tight and that don’t have to be adjusted every time you get up.

We always strive to design a variety of fits and models of tunic dresses, so there is something for every taste and body shape. Are you in doubt about which model will suit you best? Then write to our customer service at, they are ready to help you with a smile.

Oeko-tex® certified tunic dresses for women

Our materials are tested by the Danish Technological Institute, one of sixteen authorised OEKO-TEX® test institutes in the world, and every year we receive a renewed standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® class 1 certified (read more here).

OEKO-TEX® is a certification that, due to the reliable control by a third party, gives consumers security and confidence that the product is free of harmful chemicals. OEKO-TEX® STANDARD class 1 is the certification class with the strictest criteria to protect babies and children from harmful substances.

To achieve this certification, all components of our finished garments are tested – from sewing thread, care label, ribbons and buttons to the fabric itself. This means that you can use our products with confidence and peace of mind – also for babies and children.

Add a white tunic dress to your wardrobe

You will always find our well-known colours in the collections: soft black, grey, sand and off-white. You can also add a breath of fresh air to your wardrobe with a colourful cardigan in the season's beautiful colours that can be mixed and matched with the muted natural colours or put together in a fun tone-on-tone set.

Add a white tunic dress to your summer wardrobe. Our white jersey material falls beautifully, and looks great against summer sun-kissed skin and blue sky.

Tunics in quality materials that last

Henriette Steffensen Copenhagen and CARL by Steffensen have a wide selection of jersey designs – all 100% produced in the EU and certified under OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100.

Explore our extensive jersey collection for women here.

The light jersey styles are perfect for a relaxed lifestyle, where clothes are practical and do not require a lot of maintenance.

We recommend that you wash your jersey tunic dresses at 30 degrees with an environmentally-friendly detergent. Please avoid fabric softener, since it is not necessary for the material, and the environment will thank you! Jersey feels stiff when it has just come out of the washing machine, but will  become soft again as soon as it is dry. To prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the material and to protect the environment, we recommend that you do not tumble dry but instead hang your cardigan to dry on a hanger.

Read more about our helpful advice for washing and care here.

If you have some bad luck and tear a hole in your tunic, we recommend that you repair it rather than throw it away. You are always more than welcome to contact our customer service at, if you want good advice on repair or maintenance.

If you no longer use your tunic for other reasons, we recommend that you give it away to a family member or friend, or donate it for recycling. The longer the clothes are in use, the more sustainable they are!

Overconsumption contributes to the stress on our environment. Our quality is made to last, and you can therefore, with the right maintenance, enjoy your Henriette Steffensen Copenhagen jersey tunic dresses for many years.

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