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FLEECE 70% polyester, 30% viscose

Most fleece materials are made from 100% polyester, whereas ours only contain 70%. Polyester has several sought-after qualities: It is durable, holds its shape well, and has great color stability. We have taken it a step further as we, aside from choosing the best quality polyester that’s free from heavy metals, also have chosen that 50-70% of the fibers are recycled.

The remaining 30% consists of viscose, which ensures an airier and more breathable fleece material. We have selected a sustainable viscose product, where all trees are replanted, pesticides are not permitted, and where 20% of the viscose fibers are recycled (read more here). We recommend that you wash your fleece before using it, as production dust is common, which is especially visible on a black shirt.

As with most textiles, you might experience a slight change in the overall look of your style after the first wash. Hereafter it will keep its shape, color, and softness – wash after wash. We recommend hanging the clothes to dry on a hanger instead of tumble drying them. This ensures less wear on the garment as well as energy savings.

We use the same quality fleece for all our brands; Henriette Steffensen Copenhagen, Carl by Steffensen, and Growing Up by Steffensen. The fleece material is produced in carefully selected factories in Italy and the cutting and sewing of the material are carried out in Lithuania. HSCPH’s fleece designs are thereby 100% European produced and certified under STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® cert. number 2176-347 DTI. Read more about Oeko-Tex® here.