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Article: For Him: CARL by Steffensen

For Him: CARL by Steffensen

For Him: CARL by Steffensen

CARL by Steffensen is a men's wear brand with quality pieces to complete your wardrobe in HSCPH's signature materials - fleece, jersey, and organic cotton.

"In the design process of CARL by Steffensen, we focus on everyday moments and the freedom to cultivate the things that make you happy. The focus is on quality and functionality - the quality you wear and the quality of your time. Clothes should be easy to wear and easy to wash" - Henriette Steffensen, CEO and Creative Director.

CARL by Steffensen is a men's brand created by the Danish design company HSCPH. It combines classic Nordic style, a casual look, and high functionality in a simple design. The collection is created for the socially responsible and quality-conscious man who buys into functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. He does not want to compromise on quality, materials, craftsmanship and design, and appreciates a wardrobe of clothes that reflect his lifestyle and provide a comfort that underpins everyday moments and the coziness of home.

The collection features cardigans, joggers, jumpers, hoodies and accessories in a specially produced fleece with a softness and lightness that surprises most men. In a sustainable viscose, the collection features T-shirts, and lounge trousers. Our high-quality viscose jersey is soft to wear and a different experience for most men, as they are used to cotton T-shirts that get hard in the wash. This viscose keeps its softness season after season. The design has a masculine simplicity. The color universe is classic, masculine and reflects the nature around us - especially the raw west coast of Denmark. The colors and simple designs make it easy to mix and match with your wardrobe at home.

The timeless collection is carefully designed to last and is made from carefully selected materials with a focus on fit, comfort and environmental considerations. The CARL by Steffensen collection consists of designs in fleece and jersey, and for the first time this season, organic cotton has been added. In this collection you can find our soft jogger shorts.

CARL by Steffensen was launched in 2019, 17 years after Henriette Steffensen Copenhagen, the leading women's fleece brand in Denmark. The inspiration came from the designer's own life, where the demand for a men's line of Henriette Steffensen's luxurious fleece designs was high.

The unique composition of 70% premium polyester and 30% hard-spun and sustainable viscose creates the weightless and cozy softness that is so desirable. The quality and fit are perfect for casual life in the city, at the cottage - or on the boat for that matter.

All our production takes place in Europe at carefully selected factories. Sustainability is fundamental to our self-understanding and all our textiles are certified under OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 - your guarantee that the clothes are free from harmful chemicals and that the environment has not suffered unnecessary damage (read more about OEKO-TEX®)..

CARL by Steffensen is sold in selected stores in Europe, USA, and Japan as well as on our own webshop.

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