Perfect for Winter bathing: Towel ponchos for adults

The perfect addition to your winter bathing routine or other water activities throughout the year is our towel ponchos for adults. The beach poncho is created in a functional design that is easy to throw on before and after a dip in the water. Our specially produced fleece material is insulating and breathable, allowing your body to regulate its temperature after a cold swim. Are you an experienced winter swimmer and wants to be fully equipped for your next dip? Check out our warm and soft saunahats and enjoy the full experience.

Unlike a traditional frotté robe, fleece does not absorb water easily, and therefore does not get wet and heavy. The quick-drying properties makes this beach poncho the perfect match for anyone who loves water activities and wants a functional and comfortable garment that just works.

All materials are certified under OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 and produced in the EU, your guarantee that each component is free from harmful chemicals and made under ethical work conditions.

Whether you're lounging by the pool, strolling along sandy shores, or enjoying a day at the spa, our towel ponchos for men ensure you stay comfortable, stylish, and ready for any adventure.

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Stay cozy and warm with a hooded towel poncho for men

Apart from functioning as a towel, our beach ponchos feature a thoughtful addition – a cozy hood. Designed to provide you with extra comfort and warmth, these hooded towel ponchos are an essential companion, particularly during the colder seasons or invigorating winter baths.

Each poncho is crafted with comfort in mind. Made from our specially produced fleece material, they offer a luxuriously soft and warm feel against your skin. The addition of a hood ensures that you can easily wrap yourself up, providing extra insulation for your head and neck. Another great addition in our collection, if you love a cozy one-piece, is our fleece jumpsuits. They are made in the same, soft and warmf fleece and will provide you warmth and a cozy feeling. A hood is added to our jumpsuits aswell, and we have them in 3 colors for men. Your next favorite set of homewear! 

If you want to add even more quality loungewear to your collection, our Lounge & Wellness collection for women and men brings everyday wellness and comfort into your life. Functional designs, quality materials, and heritage craft ensures a garment that will bring you joy for years. This collection encourages you to enjoy moments in your everyday life and invokes a sense of comfort and coziness that can easily be brought along whether you're at home, running errands, on a spa retreat, or on vacation. See the selection for men here or have a look at our full Lounge & Wellness collection for both men and women here.

Men’s beach ponchos with towel functionality

Elevate your beach experience with our beach poncho for men, specifically designed to have towel functionalities. Avoid traveling with large bags filled with changing clothes and towels, as a beach towel combines both into one quality garment that last for years. Simply put the poncho over your swim wear before going to the beach and put it on again after a dip in the water. Do not forget to have a look at our warm and comfortable fleecesocks, that will make and keep your feet warm and comfortable.

Whether you’re about to take a refreshing dip in the ocean or have just emerged from the water, a towel poncho is perfect to wrap yourself in for soft comfort and warmth. The fleece keeps you insulated and warm while drying you quickly. The lightweight material is perfect to grab and bring along and does not take up a lot of space in a bag.

If you want to surprise a man in your life with a beach poncho, you can see collection of quality fleece beach ponchos for him here.

Get a multifunctional garment with our toweling poncho for men

The versatile and functional design of our beach poncho is designed to provide you with a cozy, warm, and soft beach favorite. The soft and easy-drying fleece material offer the perfect protection against the elements and is especially functional for those who enjoy winter bathing, as it functions similar to a towel.

Our beach poncho is designed with a spacious fit, large sleeves, pockets, and a hood. When thrown on the experience resembles putting on a blanket, but the design makes it easy to wear when moving around. The loose and comfortable fit provides unrestricted freedom. We want to create products that makes you feel at home, a feeling of being comfortable and warm while still being stylish - our fleece joggers for men offers exactly that. We have different models and many colors so you can find your personal favorite!

Choose between our three classic colors: Sand, Grey, and Soft Black.

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