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Imagine the perfect fleece cardigan for women

Do you remember your first cardigan - was it a short or long cardigan? Was it a fleece cardigan? Was it a fitted or a loose and casual oversize cardigan? Every season we design many new fleece cardigans for all needs. The perfect fleece cardigan for women is available in an infinite number of different designs, precisely because we all have different wishes and requirements.

Try to imagine what the perfect fleece cardigan for you should be, and then search our huge selection - if you unexpectedly do not find what you want - send us an email with your wishes! If your idea for a fleece cardigan becomes the basis for a new design, we will enjoy sending it to you as a gift.

Our design department is very busy designing cardigans for all types of women of all ages. That is why our selection is huge. It is absolutely indispensable in any wardrobe and most of us have several different in our favorite colors. We have the warm long fleece cardigan that keeps you warm at the festival and the walk. You can find one for the flight here on the site or buy a one size cardigan as a gift. The more elegant fleece cardigan you use in the office is available in many varieties.

All our fleece cardigans are soft, warm, practical, and very easy to wash. We have a very big selection of ​​specially developed fleece colors, and we mix our fleece cardigans with fleece scarves in contrasting colors and tone in tone. We only work with Oeko-Tex® certified fleece so you wear all fleece designs without worrying about chemicals, close to your body or in the nature.

See our large selection of sustainable cardigans in fleece

All our fleece colors are strictly controlled, so there are no residues of chemicals, heavy metals, or other harmful ingredients, not even in the wastewater. All our productions take place in the EU at carefully selected factories. Among our large selection of fleece cardigans for women you will find our NO WASTE cardigans.

NO WASTE is a Limited Edition of cardigans, sweaters, and scarves. NO WASTE is produced from fabric leftovers from our primary production that would normally be destroyed. Our design team loves the challenge of designing NO WASTE, because the limitations requires extra creativity.

NO WASTE fleece cardigans are always one size and match the colors of the season - the number of leftovers sets a natural limit for how many pieces we can produce. Every season we have a new NO WASTE fleece cardigan for you, in exciting new color combinations. When it gets colder, it is obvious to combine your fleece cardigan with a fleece scarf. Find your fleece scarf here, our color selection is so large that it can be difficult to choose. Soft fleece is always a good gift idea, see if you can find your girlfriend's favorite color.

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