Large selection of fleece cardigans for women

Henriette Steffensen Copenhagen has a large selection of cardigans for women in our specially made fleece material. The unique quality has a composition of 70% polyester and 30% sustainable viscose. The result is the unique and cosy softness that is so sought after among our customers today. We use traditional dyeing techniques to get our beautiful, unique and extremely durable colours.

Long cardigans for women in quality fleece

Our collection has a large selection of long fleece cardigans for women in well-known and new Henriette Steffensen designs. The long cardigans provide welcome warmth in cold winter months, and can be used as jackets when the weather gets warmer.

Our fleece cardigans for women are created in understated, functional and simple designs. The few details are carefully considered, and give each cardigan its characteristic look: The raw edges, the hand-woven grosgrain band, and the small logo ring at the neck. The grosgrain band is woven locally in Denmark – we are both happy and proud that we have Danish partners. Previously, we had the band delivered from France based on a standard production, but now we have developed our own band together with a weaving mill in Jutland. In this way, we also achieved OEKO-TEX® certification in class 1, as opposed to the previous class 2.

We always have a wide selection of fits and models, so there is something for every taste and body shape. Are you in doubt about which model will suit you best? Then write to our customer service at, they are ready to help you with a smile.

Colourful cardigans in fleece

You will always find our well-known colours in the collections: soft black, grey, sand and off-white. You can also add a breath of fresh air to your wardrobe with a colourful cardigan in the season's beautiful colours that can be mixed and matched with the muted natural colours or put together in a fun tone-on-tone set.

There are lots of different qualities and materials to choose from when you need to find the next cardigan for your personal collection.

Fleece is an extremely durable and functional material – it should neither be ironed nor sent for cleaning. Simply wash your fleece style at 30 degrees in the machine and let it hang to dry on a hanger – then it's ready in a few hours.

The advantages of a fleece cardigan are that it is made of a breathable and insulating material. With a fleece cardigan, you can keep warm and feel the cosy softness against your skin all year round. Take it with you on holiday where it can protect against the cold air conditioning and be used as a pillow or blanket on the plane. Throw it over your shoulders on those cool summer evenings when the hot day is quickly fading away and the air feels chilly against your skin, and add a fleece scarf and wrist warmers in the cold winter months.

Multicoloured cardigans in the no waste collection

Our NO WASTE collection of sweaters, tunics, scarves, pillows and cardigans is created from leftover material from our production. The multicoloured cardigans are created in a patchwork pattern from leftover fabric that would otherwise have been discarded.

The result is a series of limited edition multicoloured cardigans in our specially made fleece. The beautiful cardigans have a loose fit and are created in a design that works well as one-size. Choose your favourite colour combination and enjoy a quality cardigan season after season.

Hooded fleece cardigans for women

Henriette Steffensen Copenhagen has a wide selection of fleece cardigans for women – all 100% produced in the EU and certified under OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100. Choose a hooded cardigan for a sporty look and experience the cosy softness of our specially-made fleece.

The soft and light fleece cardigans are perfect for a relaxed lifestyle, where clothes are practical and do not require a lot of maintenance. The fleece weighs almost nothing and is easy to take with you on the go.

We recommend that you wash your fleece cardigan at 30 degrees with an environmentally-friendly detergent. Please avoid fabric softener, as the fleece will feel soft and luxurious without it, and the environment will thank you! To prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the material and to protect the environment, we recommend that you do not tumble dry but instead hang your cardigan to dry on a hanger – the fleece air dries quickly and you save energy.

Read more about our helpful advice for washing and care here.

If you have some bad luck and tear a hole in your cardigan, we recommend that you repair it rather than throw it away. You are always more than welcome to contact our customer service at, if you want good advice on repair or maintenance.

If you no longer use your cardigan for other reasons, we recommend that you give it away to a family member or friend, or donate it for recycling. The longer the clothes are in use, the more sustainable they are!

Overconsumption contributes to the stress on our environment. Our quality is made to last, and you can therefore, with the right maintenance, enjoy your Henriette Steffensen Copenhagen women’s fleece cardigan season after season.

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