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Article: Autumn/Winter 2023

Autumn/Winter 2023

Autumn/Winter 2023

Our Autumn / Winter 2023 collection is an homage to elevated everyday moments in comfort and style. The collection has a range of familiar pieces in the new colors of the season as well as brand new designs.


Nature is a continuous source of inspiration for designer Henriette Steffensen. This collection is inspired by autumn colors where leaves are turning into yellow rust or even red while others remain green. The soil is getting more visible, and grey as well as black colors appear on the ground and the sky.

The designs of this season focus on high functionality. A piece from our fleece collection can be used alone or as a soft and warm layer over T-shirts and stockings. The designs have few, well-designed details that carry the recognizable design DNA of the brand.


From the beginning of 2003 NO WASTE has been a focus point at HSCPH and in the everyday life of founder and head of design Henriette Steffensen.

This philosophy is a fundamental element in HSCPH and especially in the design and production. The aim is constantly to minimize the fabric waste in our main production but there are and will be inevitable leftovers. Therefore, we created the NO WASTE-collection, where the design is limited to what leftover materials we have, making the creative process very interesting.

This season, we have added new patch designs to keep up with the increasing demand.

“Our NO WASTE items are so popular that we do not have enough waste to produce what is requested. So, this season we have created a collection of patch designs where the design is very similar to NO WASTE styles but does not have the NO WASTE - LIMITED EDITION label, as they are created from “new” fabric. We did, however, aim at color combinations where we had the opportunity to add some leftover rolls of fabric” – Henriette Steffensen, CEO & Creative Director.


We experience an increasing demand for accessories every year. This year we created new hats: the balaclava and beret. The balaclava has been around for long time but has made a huge comeback on the fashion scene the past seasons. This autumn, the comfortable and versatile hat is going to be a popular choice once again. The beret is a wardrobe stable, and a lifesaver for the days where you wake up with a bad hair day! Find the new beanies in our collection right here or check out all accessories, including scarves, leg warmers and ponchos.


We launched our new organic cotton collection this spring and the reception was great. Although we expected it to only be a spring/summer collection, there was a demand for autumn/winter styles as well. Therefore, we have added brand new designs in organic cotton this autumn. A new rib cotton material has been developed, adding new shapes and textures to the collection.

The first cotton collection had an avantgarde feel with bigger and bolder details on the designs as well as interesting shapes and cuts. For AW23 the designs are sportier and cooler, and for SS24 we are going to launch a sophisticated and classic collection with edges. In our organic cotton collection, you can find dresses, blouses and trousers.

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