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Article: The Lounge & Wellness Collection

The Lounge & Wellness Collection

The Lounge & Wellness Collection

Lounge & Wellness was launched in 2020 as a joint collection for the men’s and women’s wear brands Henriette Steffensen Copenhagen and CARL by Steffensen. The collection arose after an increasing demand for quality lounge wear that was comfortable and could be worn outside the home as well. The collection consists of few, well-selected pieces that can be mixed with each other and your wardrobe at home, for an all-year everyday wellness experience. Feel the soft and warm fleece on your body when slipping into one of our dressing gowns or poncho towels, or try one of our sauna hats next time you go winter swimming or sauna.

“It has been a pleasure to create this unique Lounge & Wellness collection to enjoy for both men and women. Use it for your private lounge feeling at home, on the boat, in your cottage, or bring it for any retreat, spa experience, yoga, and indeed for winter bathing.” – Henriette Steffensen, CEO & Creative Director.

We have selected soft colors that suite each other, all seasons, and both men and women. Mix the styles and colors for your personal need and taste, to match your lifestyle. To make it even more uncomplicated we have created designs that work well in one size. That makes it easy to spoil anybody with a piece as a valued present. Trousers, jumpsuits, and fleece-socks come in sizes.

All designs are certified under OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 and fabric production as well as sewing takes place in the EU under fair working conditions.

Want to see and learn more about the products? You can see the entire Lounge & Wellness collection for women here or the collection for men here.

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